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Dr.Ebbett Remasters

Beatles, The  - Black Album (2CD Wx OBI Strip) Recorded From The Get Back Sessions in January 1969, Conjunction with Sweet Apple Trax. () Misterclaudel. MCCD-437/438 for info...$50

Beatles, The  - Live In Stockholm Sweden 1964 (1CD) Johnneshov Isstadion Stockholm, July 28, 1964 & ABC Theatre, Blackpool, UK July 19, 1964. (Digitally Remastered) Misterclaudel. MCCD-453 for info...$35

John Lennon  - Plastic Ono Band Sessions (5CD Wx Slipcase) Fly Filming Sessions December 1970 & Power To The People Session 1971. (Digitally Remastered) Misterclaudel. MCCD-391-395 for info...$85

Paul McCartney   - Out There Albany 2014 (3CD) Concert Of The First Shot Convalescence In The North American Tour The First Day & And full inclusion in the high-quality sound () Piccardilly Circus. PCCD-197/198/199 for info...$60

Beatles - North American Tour 1965 (2CD+2DVD) One Fulton Country Stadium Atlanta Ga Usa August 18, 1965 (Soundboard) Misterclaudel. MCCD-429/430/431/432 for info...$80

Beatles, The  - Shea (1CD + 1Real Silver DVD Book Size) TMQ Volume 18. Concert At Shea Stadium In New York City, Remastered In 1991. (Stereo ) His Master's Choice. HMC-030 for info...$65

Paul McCartney  - 04 Summer Madrid St Petersburg & Glastonbury 2004 (3CD+2DVD Wx Slip Case) Estadio La Peineta Madrid Spain May 30, 2004 & Worthy Farm Pilton UK Glastonbury Festival June 26, 2004. (SBD & Professional Shot) Misterclaudel. MCCD-420-424 for info....$90

Paul McCartney  - Kings Dock Liverpool 2003 (4CD Wx OBI Strip) Back In The World Tour 2003 Back Home. King Dock Liverpool UK June1, 2003. (Digitally Remastered) Misterclaudel. MCCD-357/358/359 for info...$65

Beatles,The  - At Shea Stadium 1979 BBC Broadcast Version (1Real Silver DVD) Definitive Source!! Live at Shea Stadium, New York City, NY USA 15th August 1965. (Soundboard Recording) for info....Special Price...$28

Paul McCartney  - On The Run Moscow 2011 (3CD Wx OBI Strip ) Olympic Arena Moscow Russia December 14, 2011. (Digitally Remastered) Misterclaudel. MCCD-357/358/359 for info...$60


Paul McCartney  - Red Square Moscow 2003 (2CD) Red Square Moscow Russia May 24, 2003 . (Soundboard) Misterclaudel. MCCD-418/419 for info...$50

Beatles, The  - Love Songs Original Capitol Masters Collection (1CD+1Pro-DVDR) 28 Tracks: Original Capitol Mix 1976 Remastered 2014. () Digital Archives Promotion. DAP-B011A for info....$30

Beatles, The  - Rock N Roll Music Original Capitol Masters Collection (1CD+1Pro-DVDR) 25 Tracks: Original Capitol Mix 1976 Remastered 2014. () Digital Archives Promotion. DAP-B010A for info...$30

Paul McCartney  - Tokyo Dome 2013 HD (3CD+1Blu Ray R Wx OBI Strip) Recorded Live At Tokyo Dome, Tokyo , Nov , 21st 2013. (Soundboard Stereo Version) PM131121R for info...$55

Beatles, The  - Alone Together Vol 2 (2CD) The Collection Of The Solo Rarities. (Digitally Remastered) Misterclaudel. MCCD-374/375 for info...$50

Beatles, The  - Rarities Original Capitol Masters Expanded Edition (1CD) 1980 Original Capitol Masters Expanded Edtion (Digitally Remastered) Digital Archives Promotion. DAP-B009A for info...$28

Beatles, The  - The US Albums Rarities Original Capitol Masters Collection (2CD) Original Capitol Masters Collection (Digitally Remastered) Digital Archives Promotion. DAP-B008AB for info...$50

Paul McCartney  - Out There Tokyo (2Real Silver DVD) High quality pro-shot recordings of Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 21st November 2013 (Pro-Shot) for info...Special Price...$50

Paul McCartney  - Red Light Entertainment (2CD) Stereo Soundboard recording Live At Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan November 21st 2013. (SOUNDBOARD) Broad Disc. BD001CD1/2 for info....Special Price...$30

Beatles, The  - Abbey Road Anthology Vol 1,2, & 3 (6CD) All Tracks Are Remastered And Reconstructed From Rockband or Taken From 5.1 Extractions. Pitch, Phase, Level Corrected And Remixed Offering A New Listening Experience. (Soundboard) Minotaur 069/70/71/72/73/74 for info | click for info | click for info...$120

Beatles, The  - And Now The Time Has Come (1CD) Gaumont Theatre bournemouth 21.8.63 Excerpts, Royal Variety 10.11.63 Upgrade Off Sir. () Unicorn Records. UC-175 for info...$28

Paul McCartney  - Des Monies 2005 (3CD With OBI Strip ) Wells Fargo Arena Des Moines Iowa USA October 27, 2005. (Soundboard) Mistercluadel. MCCD-354/355/356 for info...$70

Beatles, The  - Let It Be Definitive Video Master (1Real Silver DVD) Best Availbale Video quality version from Japanese Broadcast Edition & Definitve Video Master.Broadcast Date: 14th April 1984. (PRO-SHOT) for info...Special Price...$30

George Harrison With Eric Clapton & His Band  - The Last Night In Osaka (1Real Silver DVD) Live At Osaka Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan 12th December 1991. (AUD-Shot) for info....$35

Beatles, The  - Bare It All Volume 1&2 (2CD) Disc1: X1 To X8, Disc2: x11-get back , x 10 () Masterjedi. MJ1311-1/2 for info...$50

Beatles, The  - Bare It All Volume 3&4 (2CD) Disc1: X12-1965, Barrette Compilation, Disc2: Extract From The Beatles At Abbey Road. () Masterjedi. MJ1311-3/4 for info...$50

Beatles, The  - Bare It All Volume 5 (1CD) Lennon , Strarr , Harrison () Masterjedi. MJ1311-5 for info...$28

Beatles, The  - Magical Mystery Tour Sessions (4Gold CD Set) Magical Mystery Tour Sessions. () Original Master Series. OMS-210-213 for info...$90

Beatles, The   - Archives Recordings 1963 (2CD) Revised & Expanded Collector's Edition () Archive Unlimited. AR1963A-D1/2 for info...$50

George Harrison  - All Thing Must Pass Sessions (6CD With Slipcase) All Things Must Pass Sessions Volume 1&2 (Digitally Remastered) Misterclaudel MCCD-348-353 for info....$90 (shipping $12)

Paul McCartney  - Driving Japan Tour 2002 (10CD With OBI Strip+1DVD With Slipcase) Tokyo Dome November 11st, 13th, 14th & 18th 2002 & DVD Disc: November 11, 2002 Tokyo Dome Japan Osaka. (AUD) Misterclaudel. MCCD-360-369 for info...$220 (Shipping ; $15)

George Harrison With Eric Clapton And His Band   - Front Row Original Dat Master (2CD) Live At Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 15th December 1991. () Tricone 093/094 for info...$50

Beatles, The  - The Complete Barrett Tapes Volume One (3CD Digipak Wx OBI Strip) The Complete Barrett Tapes Volume two ( X 1 - X11) (Stereo & Mono) Excavation Music Inc. for info...$80

Beatles, The  - The Complete Barrett Tapes Volume two (3CD Digipak Wx OBI Strip) The Complete Barrett Tapes Volume two ( X 12 - X15) (Stereo & Mono) Excavation Music Inc. for info...$80

Paul McCartney  - Out There In Osaka First Night (2CD) Complete excellent audience recording Live at Kyocera Dome Osaka, Osaka, 11th November 2013 () for info......special Price...$30

Paul McCartney  - Tokyo Dome 1990 (4CD+1DVD) Tokyo Dome, Tokyo,3rd & 5th March 1990. () for info...$80. with FREE BONUS : Paul McCartney  - Landed Japan 1990 (1 Single DVDR) Various Broadcast Reports, 28th February 1990 & 1st March 1990. () for info..

Paul McCartney  - Maida Vale Studios 2013 (1DVD+1CD) Live at Maida Vale Studios, London, UK 16th October 2013 () for info...$50

Paul McCartney  - New Promotional Concerts 2013 (4CD+2DVD With Slip Case) Frank Sinatra School Of The Arts Astoria Queens NY USA October 9,2013 & Disc 2: Jimmy Fallon Show October 7, 2013, Disc 3;Paul Mccartney In Concert October 16,2013 Afternoon, Disc 4; Covent Garden London UK, October 18, 2013. (SBD/ Pro-Shot) Piccadilly Circus. PCCD-163/164/165/166/167/168 for info...$80

Beatles, The  - A-Cam + B-Cam Stereo At Twickenham Part 1 (1CD) At Twickenham, Jan 3nd 1969 Part 1. () Yellow Dog YD 2009 for info...$28

Beatles, The  - A-Cam + B-Cam Stereo At Twickenham Part 2 (1CD) At Twickenham, Jan 3nd 1969 Part 2 () Yellow Dog YD 2010 for info....$28

Beatles, The  - A-Cam + B-Cam Stereo At Twickenham Part 3 (1CD) At Twickenham, Jan 3nd 1969 Part 3. () Yellow Dog YD 2011 for info...$28

Beatles, The  - Birds Sing Out Of Tune Vol 2 (1CD) Demo Recordings Collection 1963-1969. (Digitally Remastered) Misterclaudel. MCCD-323 for info...$40

Paul McCartney  - Outside Lands Festival 2013 (3CD+2DVD) Live at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA USA 9th August 2013 (NTSC) for info...$80

Paul McCartney   - Ebony And Ivory 1989 (2CD) Live at Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA USA November 27th 1989. () NO LABEL for info...$50

Paul McCartney   - The New World Tour In Tokyo Dome (4CD) Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, 14th & 15th November 1993. () NO LABEL for info...$80

Paul McCartney   - Out There In Boston Fenway Park 2013 (2Real SilverDVD) Live at Fenway Park, Boston, MA USA 9th July 2013. () for info...$60

Paul McCartney & Wings  - Outside Lands Festival 2013 (3CD+1DVD) Golden Gate Park San Francisco, CA USA, August 9, 2013. (Complete AUD+SBD) Piccadilly Circus. PCCD-155-158 for info...$75

Paul McCartney & Wings  - Live At Leeds 1973 (1CD Wx OBI Strip) Live At Leeds University Leeds UK May 19, 1973. (Digitally Remastered) Misterclaudel. MCCD-320 for info...$40

Beatles, The  - In Japan 1966 Sgt Collector's Edition (2Real Silver DVD+1CD) Complete Live & Documents Inc Legendary Press Conference In Japan. (Stereo / Mono) SGT. SV-201301-1/2/3 for info...$80

Beatles, The  - The Fab Four Beatleg Series Volume 1- Volume 4 (4Colour 7" Vinyl ) Volume 1 Beatles Twickenham Studios, Friday 03 February 1969, Volume 2 George Harrison EMI Studios, Abbey Road Tuesday 25 February 1969, Volume 3 John Lennon The Songs Various LocationAnd Volume 4 Paul McCartney The Songs ( Soundboard Live Recording) Previously Unreleased. (Mono/ 45RPM) Beatles Series for info....$95
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Beatles, The  - Live Chronicle Extra (1CD+1Real Silver DVD) Beatles 1962-1966 Unreleased Newly Discovered Ever! (Digitally Remastered) Misterclaudel. MCCD-328/329 for info...$65

Paul McCartney   - Out There In Boston (3CD) Live at Fenway Park, Boston, MA. USA 9th July 2013 (AUD) NO LABEL for info...$70

Paul McCartney & Wings  - Wings Over Seattle 1976 (2CD+1DVD Wx OBI Strip) Live At The Kingdome Seattle Washington WA USA JUNE 10, 1976. (Digitally Remastered) Genuine Misterclaudel. MCCD-321/322 MCDVD-021 for info...$75

Paul McCartney  - Bonnaroo Festival 2013 (1CD+1DVD) Live At The Great Stage Park,  Manchester TN USA, June 14 2013. (SBD) Genuine Piccadilly Circus. PCCD-153/154 for info....$60

Paul McCartney  - Complete Cold Cuts Collection (4CD Wx OBI Strip) The Unreleased Album Of Outtakes Complete Collection From Misterclaudel. (SBD) Genuine Misterclaudel. MCCD-237-240 for info...$70

Beatles  - Where Have You Been All My Life (3CD Wx OBI Strip Paper Case) The Beatles Live Rarities 1962-1966 (Mono ) AP-Why003 for info...$80

Beatles, The  - Candlestick Park 1966 (1CD) Live at Candlestick Park, San Francisco, California, USA 29th August 1966. () FAB-82966 for info...$28

Beatles, The  - Live At The Star Club (1CD) Live At The Star Club 1962. () Yellow Dog Records. YD 2008 for info...$28
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Paul McCartney   - Out There Orlando 2013 (5CD) Amway Center Arena Orlando Florida USA, Complete Two Nights Concert With Soundcheck. () Piccadilly Circus. PCCD-148/149/150/151/152 for info...$80

Beatles, The  - At The Hollywood Bowl  Complete Collectors Edition (2CD) Complete Collector's Edition. () DAP.B007A/B for info...$50

Beatles, The  - Casualties Capitol Masters Expanded Edition (2CD) Casualties Capitol Masters Expanded Edition. () Chronicle.CHREP-002-1/2 for info...$50

Beatles, The  - Collectors Items New Remaster Edition (1CD) Collectors Items New Remaster Edition. () Chronicle.CHREP-001 for info...$28

Beatles, The & Murray K  - As It happened (1CD) 1-10 Boardroom Tape* Is On Off Line Recording (Recorded From Under A Table In EMI Meeting Room ) Much Like What Was Found On The Original 'File Under' Album, The Tape Here Is Cleaner And A Little More Complete. () Swindon -9099-CD for info....$35

Beatles,The  - The Ultimate Live Collection 64 Vol. 1 (1CD) Sunday Night At The London Palladium, 12-1-64, Washington Coliseum, Washington 11-2-64. () Sweet Zapple. SZ-148 for info...$35

Beatles  - Budokan 30.6.1966 Original Japanese Broadcast (1Real Silver DVD) Live at Budokan, Tokyo , Japan 30th June 1966 Broadcast from 7.30 To 8.54 Pm on 12th October 1978. (PRO-SHOT) for info....$42

Paul McCartney  - Liverpool 1990 The Paul McCartney World Tour (1CD) Live at Kings Dock, Liverpool, UK 28th June 1990 (SBD) for info....$28

Beatles, The   - Private Rarities (2CD) A Collection Of Acetates And Demo Recordings. (Digitally Remastered) SGT.SCD-13001-1/2 for info...$50

Beatles, The - Budokan 30.6.1966 Reel Recording (1CD) Live At Budokan, Japan 30th June 1966. () for info...$28

Beatles, The  - Untouched By The Hand Of Madness (1CD Trifold) Restored Version : De-Clicked, De-Crackled And De-Hummed. () The Godfather Records.GR849 for info...$28

Beatles, The - You Become Naked Vol 1 & 2 (2CD) The Informal Beatles, Disc 1:The Demos ' Let Me Tape You Down ' Disc 2: The Composing Tapes ' We Can Work It Out '. () Medusa. MD-14/15 for info...$50
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Beatles, The  - You Become Naked Vol 3&4 (2CD) The Informal Beatles, Disc 1:The Kinfauns Tapes' Bungalow Bills ' Disc 2: The Beatles & Friends' When Everybody Comes To Town. () Medusa. MD-16/17 for info...$50

Beatles, The  - You Become Naked Vol 5 (2CD) The Informal Beatles, Disc 1:Improvisations And Experimental Tapes ' Singalong Junk' Disc 2: Bonus Disc. () Medusa. MD-18/19 for info....$50

Beatles, The - A History Of The Beatles Years 1962-1970 (9CD Box Set With Program Booklet) A Nine Part Radio Series Westwood One Hosted By Roger Scott. (SBD) Unicorn Records. UC-165/173 for info.. $225 (+$17.50 for shipping this boxset)

Beatles, The - The Beatles At The Beeb BBC 2012 Edition (2CD) BBC Radio 6 Music Broadcast. All Tracks From BBC 6 Music Radio Broadcast 2012 Edition Extra TracksFrom The Beatles At The Beeb US(3Hours) 1982 Edition. (Digitally Remastered) Dap-B004A/B for info...$50

Beatles, The - Live At Hollywood Bowl 1964 Collector's Edition 2012 (1CD+1Real Silver DVD) Live At Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA , USA August 23rd 1964. (Digitally Remastered/ NTSC) Dap-B006A/B for info...$60

Beatles, The - The Making Of Let It Be Naked (1CD) The Making Of Let It Be. () JPGR-1015 for info...$28

Beatles, The - Acoustic Complete Esher Tapes (1CD) Acoustic Complete Esher Tapes. () JPGR-1021 for info....$28

Beatles, The - Live At The BBC Alternate Master Edition (2CD) Live At The BBC, Alternate Master Edition. () DAP-B005A/B for info...$50

Beatles, The - Another Sessions Plus Remastered Edition (1CD) Another Sessions Plus Remastered Ediiton. () JPGR-1022 for info...$28

Beatles, The - Rare Masters (2CD) Rarities Around The World Records. () SGT.SCD-12007/1/2 for info...$50

John Lennon - One To One Benefit Concert 1972 (5CD+1DVD WX Slipcase) Madison Square Garden New York NY USA August 30, 1972 Afternoon & Evening Show With Rehearsals. (Digitally Remastered) Misterclaudel MCCD 273-277 for info....$85

Beatles, The - Mogglogy Volume 3 (2CD) Disc1&2: Mogg File Extractions From Rockband Remastered And Re-Constructed. () Medusa. MD-006/ for info
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Beatles, The - Mogglogy Volume 4 (2CD) Disc1&2: Mogg File Extractions From Rockband Remastered And Re-Constructed. () Medusa. MD-008/9 for info

Paul McCartney - Madison Square Garden Comlete Two Nights (4CD) MADISON SQUARE GARDEN NEW YORK NY USA. 24th and 25th May 1976 (AUD) Genuine Misterclaudel mccd-223-226...$80

Paul McCartney - Driving Fort Lauderdale (2CD) Soundboard recording from the National Car Rental Center Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA. 18th May 2002 (SBD) Genuine Misterclaudel mccd-255/256...$50

Beatles, The - The Ballad Of John And Yoko (2CD With OBI Strip Limited Edition Duo Case) The Beatles 1968-1969 The Ballad Of John And Yoko..Feating A Previously Unavailable Outtake.Limited 1st Edition With Duo Case + OBI / Factory Pressed CD. () Idol Mind Product.IMP-N-037 for info...$70

Beatles, The - Live In Japan 1966 Memorial (2CD+2DVD Wx Booklet & Slipcase) Misterclaudel Special Edition. Live At Nippon-Budokkan Hall 30th June 1966 & 1st July 1966 With Documentary & CD come with 36 Pages Booklet. (Digitally Remastered) Genuine Misterclaudel. MCCD-241/242/243/244 for info...$150

Paul McCartney & Wings - Wings Over Australia 1975 (3CD+2DVD Wx Slipcase ) Misterclaudel Special Edition From Historical original master Recordings. Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane And Melbourne. (SBD/ Pro-Shot) Misterclaudel. MCCD-232-236 for info....$115

Beatles, The - Let It Be Sessions (6CD Set Wx Slipcase ) Apple Studio Album Recordings. (Mono/Stereo) Secret Garden. SGCD-44/45/46/47/48/49 for info....$115

Beatles, The - Yellow Chatter Custard (2CD Book Cover) A Sterling Price Production. (Digitally Remastered) Copy Cat Chronicle. CCC 001 for info....$65

Beatles, The - 300,000 Beatles Fans Cant Be Wrong (1CD+2Real Silver DVD) Centennial Hall Adelaide Australia June 12th, 1964, Sydney Stadium Sydney Australia June 18, 196, DVD content: video archives of Adelaide to Melbourne and Sydney to Brisbane. (Original Master Recordings) Genuine Misterclaudel. MCCD-218/219/220 for info...$95

Beatles, The - In Gloucestershire (1CD) Track1-20 BBC Radio Gloucestershire, 26-12-90 Presented By Andy Hitchcock, Track 21 - Interview At The Odeon, Winchcombe Street, Cheltenham 1-11-03. () Unicorn Records. UC-160 for info....$28

Beatles, The - Tussen De Bollen (2CD) Live Treslong, Hillegom, Netherlands, Friday 5 June 1964, Blokker, The Netherlands 6 June 1964. () Unicorn Records. UC-161/162 for info...$50

Beatles, The - Twelve Days At Twickenham (18CD Box Set Wx Slipcase) Strictly Limited Numbered Edition Box.  Beatles Twelve Days At Twickenham Volume 1-9. Box Set Comes With 12 pages Booklet. (SBD) Unicorn Records 2011. UC-125/127/129/131/133/135/137/139/141 for info....$280
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Beatles, The - Sgt Peppers Sessions (3CD) Disc1: 45 Tracks, Disc2: 33 Tracks & Disc3: 20 Tracks. (Stereo/ Mono ) Genuine Secret Garden. SCCD-33/34/35 for info....$75

Beatles, The - Acetate Collection Vol 3 (1CD) All Tracks Sourced From Acetate Have Received No Mastering Or Digital Or Digital Filtering Unless Stated Otherwise Please See Booklet For Details. () Unicorn Records. UC-145 for info...$28
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Beatles, The - Northern Lights (1CD) 13 Tracks Plus Bonus Track. () Unicorn Records. UC-148 for info...$28

Beatles, The - Revolver Sessions (3CD) Disc 1: 27 Tracks. Disc2: 35 Tracks & Disc3: 26 Tracks. (Stereo/Mono) Secret Garden. SCCD-30/31/32 for info...$80

Paul McCartney - On The Run In Moscow (2Real Silver DVD) SK Olimpiski, Moscow, Russia 14th December 2011 (AUD-Screen Shot). (NTSC) for info...Special Price...$50
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Paul McCartney - Wings For The Wings Deluxe Edition (2CD Wx Slipcase) Los Angeles Forum Inglewood California USA June 22, 1976. (Digitally Remastered) Misterclaudel. MCCD-198/199 for info...$80

Beatles, The - Rubber Soul Sessions Back to Basics (3CD) Disc1: 32 Tracks, Disc2: 29 Tracks & Disc3: 23 Tracks. (Stereo / Mono) Secret Garden. SCCD-27/28/29 for info....$80

Beatles, The - Historical Hollywood Bowl Concerts (2DVD+6CD Set Wx Slipcase) Live At The Hollywood Bowl Los Angeles California, USA 1964 & 1965, Re-master, RAW, Audience, Rough Mix & Other Versions 1964 & 1965 North American Tour. (Original Master Recordings) Misterclaudel. MCCD-186-193 for info.

Beatles, The  - TMOQ Gazette Volume 2 (2CD wx Book Size Cover) A Real Treat For The Fanatic Beatles Connoisseur. Uncovered 45 Track. This Set Contains 23 Page Booklet Cover. (Digitally Remastered) His Master's Choice. HMC 014 for info...$65
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Paul McCartney  - McCartney Alternate Archive Collection (1DVD+1CD) McCartney Video Album & McCartney Related Tracks From The Beatles Sessions. (SGT.Present Digital Archives) DAP-P003-1/2 for info...$60

Beatles, The - Acetate Collection Vol 2 (1CD) All Tracks Compiled On This CD Are As They Were Sourced From The Original Tapes And Have Undergone No Digital Filtering, Speed Correction Or Mastering. (SBD) Unicorn Records. UC-143 for info....$28
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Beatles, The - Satyricon (1CD+2DVD) The World Tour 1965 Italy And Spain...Milan, Rome, Madrid And Barcelona, From The Historical Orginal Master Recordings. () Genuine Misterclaudel. MCCD-207/208/209 for info...$95

Beatles, The - Complete Decca Audition Tapes Master Edition (1CD) Recorded At Decca Studios In West Hampstead, London, UK, 1st January 1962. (SBD) Digital Archives Promotion. Dap - B001 for info....$28

Beatles, The - Beatles For Sale Sessions Back To Basics (2CD) Beatles For Sale Sessions Back To Basics. () Genuine Secret Garden. SGCD-22/23 for info...$70

Beatles, The - Beatles For Sale Studio Sessions Back To Basic (2CD) Recorded At EMI Studio, 30th September 1964 & Recorded At EMI Studio 2, 14th August 1964. (SBD) Extract Factory. EXT 013 for info...$50

Beatles, The - Backyard Reel (1CD) Acetates Declicked, Pitch, Phase And Level Corrected. Extract Factory. EXT 012 for info
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Beatles, The - Boys 1963 1964 (1CD) TV Shindig 3 Oct 1964,TV Sweden ' Drop In' 30th Oct 1963 & Washington Coliseum 11th Feb 1964. (Digital Aud) Extract Factory. EXT 011 for info
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Beatles, The - Whisper And Shout (1CD) Declicked, Pitch, Phase And Levels Corrected From The Lp On Fake Apple FA CC 1/2. Preserved For Reference Purposes. (Digital AUD) Extract Factory. EXT 008 for info...$28
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Beatles, The - Informal Recordings 1963 - 1964 (1CD) These Are Most, But Not All Of The informal Recordings Made By Group , Either Together Or Individually, Many Sources Were Auditioned To Find The Best Recordings. (Digital AUD) Extract Factory. EXT 010 for info...$28

Beatles, The - Ze Anonym Plattenspieler A Collection (1CD) Restored From The 1976 Album On Ze Anonym Plattenspieler ZAP 7853. (Digital AUD) Extract Factory. EXT 009 for info...$28

Paul McCartney - Viva La Vegas (2CD) MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada USA June 10, 2011. (Digital Aud) Genuine Piccadilly Circus 2011. PCCD-120/121 for info...$75

Beatles, The - Intertel 1966 (1Real Silver DVD) At Abbey Road Studios, London, .U.K. May 19, 1966 Filmed. (Historical Original Master Recordings) Genuine Misterclaudel. MCDVD-023 for info...$55

Beatles, The - A Hard Days Night Sessions Back To Basics (4CD) A Hard Day's Night Sessions Back To Basic. (Stereo/Mono) Genuine Secret Garden. SGCD-18/19/20/21 for info...$85

Beatles, The  - With The Beatles Sessions Back To Basics(Deluxe Edition) (2CD Foldup With Slip Case) With The Beatles Sessions Back To Basics. (Stereo/Mono) Genuine Secret Garden.SGCD-16/17 for info...$65

Paul McCartney & Wings  - Pugins Hall Rehearsals 1980 (5CD) Live At Pugin's Hall Appledore Road, Tenterden, Kent England. 18, 30 Oct 1980 & 30 Nov 1980. () Misterclaudel. MCCD-200/201/202/203/204 for info...$90

Beatles, The  - Intertel 1965 (1Real Silver DVD) Intertel Promo 'Master' At The Film Studios Twickenham London U.K. Nov, 23rd 1965. (Orginal Master Recordings) Genuine Misterclaudel. MCDVD-022 for info...$55

Ringo Starr And His All Starr  - 70th Birthday Celebration (2CD) Live At Radio City Music Hall, New York City, NY, USA 7th July 2010. (SBD) for info....$50

Beatles, The  - Off White (9CDBox Set ) The Complete Recordings Sessionography And Mixography. Come With 18 Pages Booklet (Stereo & Mono) Owno.9-001-009 for info...$180
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Beatles, The  - Please Please Me Sessions Back To Basics Deluxe Edition (2CD Foldup Wx Slipcase) Secret Garden Presents 2011 Please Please Me Deluxe Edition. (Stereo/Mono) Genuine Secret Garden. SGCD-14/15 for info...$75

Paul McCartney  - Blockbuster Pavilion 1993 (1 Real Silver DVD Wx OBI Strip) Blockbuster Pavalion 1993, The New World Tour, Live In Charlotte, NC USA June 15. (PRO-SHOT) Genuine Misterclaudel. MCDVD - 019 for info...$60

Paul McCartney & Wings  - Wings Multi Tracks II (2CD) Rock Band Masters Multi Tracks. (Digitally Remastered) Misterclaude. MCCD-136/137 for info...$70

PAUL McCARTNEY - Live at the Apollo London (2CD) Live at HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK 18th December 2010 PERFECT SOUND (from Original Masters)...$50

Paul McCartney  - Ageless Music Anthology 4 (2CD) The Young Person's Guide To The Paul Mccartney's Unreleased Recordings. () Strange Apple Records. SAR 020 for info

John Lennon & Yoko Ono  - Milk And Honey Recording Sessions (3CD) Recorded At The Hit Factory & The Record Plant New York August To October, 1980. (Digitally Remastered) Misterclaude. MCCD-179/180/181 for info...$75

John Lennon & Yoko Ono  - Double Fantasy Recording Sessions (4CD) Recorded At The Hit Factory & The Record Plant New York August To October, 1980. (Digitally Remastered) Misterclaude. MCCD-175/176/177/178 for info...$90


Beatles, The  - The Jimmy Nicol Days (2CD Trifold Digipak) The Beatles In Netherland, 5 June, 1964, Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia, 17 June , 1964 & Abbey Road Studios, St Johns wood, London, 12 Sept 1963. () The Godfather Record. GR 564/565 for info
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Beatles - Ted's Recommendation (1CD) 01. What’s The New Mary Jane(Demo Version) 02. What’s The New Mary Jane(Sparse Mix) 03. What’s The New Mary Jane(Intermediate Mix) 04. What’s The New Mary Jane(Intermediate Mix variation) 05. What’s The New Mary Jane(Dense Mix) 06. What’s The New Mary Jane(“Sessions” Mix) 07. What’s The New Mary Jane(“Anthology” Mix) 08. What’s The New Mary Jane(Rejected Single Mix) 09. Not Guilty(Demo Version) 10. Not Guilty(Unedited Mono Mix) 11. Not Guilty(Unedited Stereo Mix) 12. Not Guilty(“Anthology Mix) 13. Not Guilty(Re-Edited Mix) 14. You Know My Name(Look Up The Number)(Demo Version) 15. You Know My Name(Look Up The Number)(Combined Version). (SBD) for info

Beatles, The  - The Decca Tapes Speed Corrected (1CD) Decca Sessions, 1st Jan 1962, Speed Corrected Pitch, Level And Phase Corrected. (SBD) Extract Factory. EXT 001 for info

Beatles, The  - Spicy Beatles Songs Remastered Edition (1CD) Declicked, Denoised, Pitch & Phase Corrected From The Lp On Trade Mark Of Quality TMQ 71076 (1974) 3.(SBD) Extract Factory. EXT 002 for info
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Beatles, The  - Ultimate Ultra Rare Trax Master Reels Remaster 2010 (3CD+1 Bonus CDR) NOTES from artwork : Ultra Rare Trax Was released in 1988 and created a sensation and became one of the most famous releases around the world. This title you are holding are from 6 original reels of Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1 & 2. These reels are played with Telefunken M21 and Studer A820, and 24bit 96khz transferring with Sonic Studio HD and remastering and compiling with original setlist. And now this legendary album is re-born with rich HIFI sound which we called it the Ultimate Ultra Rare Trax. . Bonus CDR  Direct CDR replica of the Original Ultra rare Trax Vol 3” from Swingin' Pig (NO LABEL) for info...$70

Beatles, The  - Paris Left Breathless (3CD+2DVD With Slip Case) Live At Palais Des Sports Paris France 20th June 1965 Afternoon & Evening Shows & More ! () Genuine Misterclaudel. MCCD 158/162 for info.....$165

Beatles, The  - The Forgotten Abbey Road Rehearsals (2CD) Recorded At Twickenham Film Studios / Apple Studios In January 1969 Except For ' The Ballad Of John And Yoko', Abbey Road Studios, London, 1969. (Studio) Forgotten Records 2011-1/2 for info
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Paul McCartney   - Flowers In The Dome (4CD) Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 11th & 13th March 1990 TRULY AMAZING AUDIENCE SOUND (from Original Masters) (AUD) No Label for info...$80

George Harrison With Eric Clapton & His Band  - Piggies In The Dome (2CD) Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 14th December 1991 TRULY AMAZING / PERFECT AUDIENCE SOUND (from Original Masters)  (AUD) Tricone 047/048 for info

George Harrison With Eric Clapton & His Band  - Old Friends Old Love (2CD) Live at Hiroshima Sunplaza, Hiroshima, Japan 6th December 1991 TRULY AMAZING / PERFECT AUDIENCE SOUND (from Original Masters) (AUD) Tricone 045/046 for info

Beatles, The  - File Under  : Beatles - 30th Anniversary Edition (1CD MiniLp Folder) First time on CD. 18 Tracks. () GN70075-1 for info...$28
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Beatles, The  - Get Back A Collection Of Unreleased Album (4CD Deluxe Edition With Slipcase & Booklet) A Collection Of Unreleased Album, 1969 and 1970 Mix Version And Extra Version. Limited Deluxe Slipcase & 43 Page Booklet (in japanese text only) About Get Back Album. (SBD) .MCCD-154/155/156/ for info...$120

Paul McCartney  - Up And Coming Tour Hollywood Bowl (4CD) Wings Flies Again! Up And Coming Tour 2010. Complete Two Nights Live At The Hollywood Bowl Los Angeles, CA, USA March 30 & 31 2010. () Piccadilly Circus. PCCD-95/96/97/98 for info...$80

Paul McCartney  - Flew In From Miami Beach 2010 (2CD) Up And Coming Tour 2010 Live At The Sun Life Stadium Miami FL USA, April 3, 2010. () Piccadilly Circus. PCCD-99/100 for info

Beatles, The  - Live At The Hollywood Bowl (2CD Wx Hardcover Book) Disc1: Hollywood Bowl August 23rd 1964 & 30th 1965. Disc2: Hollywood Bowl August 29th 1965 & Candlestick Park August 29th 1966. () His Master's Choice. HMC 010 for info....$65

Beatles, The  - Abracadabra (2CD Wx Hardcover Book) Trick1: 29 Tracks & Trick 2: 33 Tracks. The Story Of Revolver In Words & Music! () Audiofon Music. AF-014/015 for info..$65

Beatles, The  - Rubber Soul Rock Band Mixes (1CD) 15 Tracks And Bonus Tracks. () WWII-05 for info
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Beatles, The  - Concerts At Washington Coliseum (1CD+2DVD) Live At washington Coliseum Washington DC USA, February 11, 1964. () Misterclaudel. MCCD-151/152/153 for info...$95

Paul McCartney  - Good Evening Cologne 2009 (4CD) Live at the Lanxess Arena Cologne Germany 16th & 17th December 2009. AUD() Piccadilly Circus. PCCD-88/89/90/91 for info..$80

Paul McCartney  - Good Evening London 2009 (3CD) Live At The 02 Arena London UK, 22nd Dec 2009. (AUD) Piccadilly Circus. PCCD-92/93/94 for info...$66

Paul McCartney  - Good Evening Holland 2009 (3CD) Live At The Gelredome Arnhem Gelderland The Netherlands 9th Dec 2009 (AUD) Piccadilly Circus. PCCD-85/86/ for info....$66
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Paul McCartney  - Good Evening Berlin 2009 (3CD) Live At 02 World, Berlin, Germany 3rd December 2009 (AUD) Piccadilly Circus. PCCD-79/80/ for info...$66
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Paul McCartney - Good Evening Paris 2009 (3CD) Live At Ominisports Paris, Bercy. Paris, France 10th December 2009 (AUD) Piccadilly Circus. PCCD-82/83/84 for info...$66
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Paul McCartney  - Limelight (2CD+1Real silver DVD) Unplugged Sessions Limehouse Television Studios Wembley, UK January 25, 1991. () Misterclaudel Label MCCD-120/121/122 for info....$75

Beatles, The  - Early Beatles Around UK 1962-1964 (2CD ) Live Concerts By England's Phenomenal Pop Combo With Tour program booklet Set (Digitally Remastered) Misterclaudel Label MCCD-128/129 for info....$55
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Beatles, The  - The Beatles At The Beeb (2CD) BBC Beatles Weekend. Bill Kenwright Presents A Two Hour Journey Through The Many Beatles Songs And Interviews Recorded The Many Beatles Songs And Interviews Recorded At The BBC During The 60s. () Misterclaudel Label MCCD-149/150 for info

Beatles, The  - The Record Producers Extended (1CD) BBC Beatles Weekend 28th-31st Aug BBC Radio 2. () Misterclaudel Label MCCD-148 for info

Beatles, The  - The Legendary 22-9-69 Get Back Broadcast (1CD Trifold Digipak) WBCN-Fm Boston 22-9-69 ' Get Back' Radio Broadcast. () The Godfather Records. GR 412 for info
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Paul McCartney  - Live On The Commons Halifax 2009 Ultimate Collection (3CD+2DVD) Live In Halifax Commons Halifax Nova Scotiacanada July 11, 2009. (SBD&Pro-Shot) Piccadilly Circus 2009. PCCD-74/75/76/77/78 for info...Special Price - $95

Paul McCartney  - Roll The Citi Field 2009 (2CD) Live At Citi Field New York, NY USA, July 21, 2009 & ' I Saw Her Standing There' With Special Guest David Grohl As bonus Track. () Piccadilly Circus 2009. PCCD-72/73 for info

Paul McCartney  - Complete Rooftop Concert 2009 (1CD) Live Show With David Letterman, Marquee Of The Ed Sullivan Theater New York, NY, USA July 15, 2009. (SBD) Piccadilly Circus 2009. PCCD-069 for info...$30

Paul McCartney  - Rock The Citi Field 2009 (2CD) Live At Citi Field, New York, NY USA, July 18, 2009 & ' I saw Her Standing There' With Special Guest Billy Joel As Bonus Track. (AUD) Piccadilly Circus 2009. PCCD-070/071 for info.

Paul McCartney & Wings  - First Flight 1972 (2CD Wx Slipcase) Their Debut Surprise Gigs At The University Tour. From Historical original Master Recordings. Nottingham University 9th Feb 1972 & Hull University 11th Feb 1972. (Digitally Remastered) Misterclaudel Label MCCD-101/102 for info...$50

Beatles, The  - Beatles Big Night Out 1963, 1964 & 1965 (1CD+2DVD) Complete Big Night Out & Blackpool Night Out Performances. Didsbury Studio Centre, Manchester, Teddington Studio Centre, Lonodn, ABC Theatre, Blackpool. Misterclaudel Label MCCD-125/126/127 for info...$80

George Harrison  - Los Angeles Express Soundboard Master (2CD) 1974 Ravishankar . Los Angeles Forum Los Angeles, California USA November 12, 1974 Matinee & Center Coliseum Washington USA November 4, 1974. (SBD) Misterclaudel Label MCCD-103/104 for info

John Lennon  - The Lost Home Tapes 1965 - 1969 (2CD Wx Slipcase) Disc1: Private Home Tape, The 'Good Morning ' Tape (January - February, 1967), The 'Cry Baby' Tapes And The 'Oh My Love' Rehearsal Tape. () Misterclaudel Label MCCD-123/124 for info... $50

Beatles, The  - RS 5.1 (1CD ) All Tracks Are Alternate Mixes. Remake Stereo From 5.1 Surround Sound. (Studio) Audiofon. AF-11 for info

Beatles, The  - Kenny Everett Meets Sgt Pepper (1CD) Chris Denning's BBC Radioshow Where It's At With Kenny Everett Presenting The New Bealtes LP Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. Broadcast: Saturday May 20th 1967. () Audiofon. AF-12 for info

Paul McCartney - Things We Said In Denver (1CD) Crystal Clear soundbord recording. an hour long soundcheck before the November 1st show at the Pepsi Center in Denver. Pepsi Center, Denver, CO - November 1, 2005 (SBD) Audiofön AF for info
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Paul McCartney  - 2nd Night At Dome (2CD) Live At Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 5th March 1990. (AUD) No Label for info

Paul McCartney  - Viva Joint (2CD) The New Joint Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV USA April 19, 2009. () Piccadilly Circus 2009. PCCD-63/64 for info

Paul McCartney  - The Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival (3CD) Live At The Empire Polo Field Indio, California USA April 17, 2009. (SBD) Piccadilly Circus 2009. PCCD-65/66/67 for info...$60

Beatles, The  - Historical Decca Audition Tape (1CD) Decca Studios, West Hampstead, North London, England, January 1, 1962. (Digitally Remastered) Misterclaudel Label MCCD-119 for info...$30
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Beatles, The  - Revolution Take Your Knickers Off (2CD Wx Hardcover Book) Disc1: 15 Tracks, Disc2: 31 Tracks. () His Master's Choice. HMC 006 for info....$65...very limited copies
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Beatles, The  - The River Rhine Tapes (3CD) January 1969 Recorded by The Beatles. (SBD) Secret Garden 2009.SGCD-08/09/10 for info...$70
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Beatles, The  - Anthology Sessions (1CD) Evolution Of ""Free As A Bird"" & ""Real Love"" and tracks from Anthology sessions.  (SBD) Secret Garden 2009 Label. SGCD-01 for info...$30

Beatles, The - Stars Of The Beatles In Sweden (1CD+1real silver DVD With OBI Strip) Live At The Karlaplans Studio, Stockholm October 24, 1963, TV Show 'Drop In' Grona Lund, Stockholm Oct 30, 1963. DVD: 1963 Swedish Tour Collage, Live At The Lorensbergsparken, Gothenburg – Color 8mm. Remastered. Misterclaudel Label MCCD-093/ for info...$65

Beatles, The  - Live Beatles At The Maple Leaf Gardens (2CD) Live At The Maple Leaf Gardens Toronto Canada 17th August 1966-Evenign Show. () Misterclaudel Label MCCD-117/118 for info...$63

Beatles, The  - NME Winners Concert 64 65 & 66 Shindig (1CD+1DVD) CD Disc & DVD Discs: New Musical Express, Poll Winner's Concert 1964 April 26, 1964, Live At Empire Pool, Wembley . (Digitally Remastered) Misterclaudel Label MCCD-115/116 for info...$70

Paul McCartney  - Always Cm (1Real Silver DVD) Soundcheck At Tokyo Dome Nov. 1993.Tracks 16, Live At Tokyo Dome Nov,1993 () Strange Apple Records.SAR-009 for info

Beatles, The   - Bravo Beatles Blitzournee (2CD+2DVD ) Munchen - Essen - Hamburg From Historical Original Master Recordings.Circus Krone-Bau, Munich ZDF-TV 'Die Beatles' Complete Remaster 24th June 1966 & Grugahalle, Essen Afternoon Show 25th June 1966. (Remastered) Misterclaudel Label MCCD-108/109/110/111 for info..$95

Beatles, The  - Indiana State Fair & Montreal Forum (1CD) Indiana State Fair Coliseum, Indianapolis In USA 3Sep 1964. Montreal Forum, Montreal Quebec, Canada 8SEp 1964. (Digital Remastered) Misterclaudel. MCCD-76 for info...$30

Beatles, The  - The Lost On Line Master (1CD) Live At The Liverpool Empire Theatre 7 Dec, 1963. From Historical Original Master Recordings. (Digitally Remastered) Misterclaudel-MCCD-097 for info ...$30

Paul McCartney  - Quebec City 400th Anniversary Celebration Concert (2CD+1DVD Sets) Original Soundboard Recording. Live At The Plains Of Abraham Quebec Canada 20th July 2008. (SBD) Piccadilly Circus PCCD-58/59/60 for info...$70

Beatles - Complete Rooftop Concert 1969 (3CD) The Last Beatles Appearance From Historical Original Master Recordings. Live At The Rooftop Of The Apple Building 3 Savile Show Row, W1 London, Uk, January 30, 1969. 1969 Get Back Sessions. Digitally Remastered (SBD) Misterclaudel Label. MCCD-85/86/87...$ for info

Paul McCartney  - Complete Liverpool Sound Concert 2008 (4CD+1DVD Sets) Original Soundboard Recording. Anfield Stadium Liverpool UK 1st June 2008. (Aud/SBD/Pro-Shot) Piccadilly Circus. PCCD-50/51/52/53/54 for info...$80

Beatles, The   - Live In Japan 1966 Memorial (2DVD With OBI Strip) Live At The Nippon-Budokan Hall 30th June 1966 & 1st July 1966 With Documentary. (PRO-SHOT) Misterclaudel. for info...$84

Beatles - Biggest Attraction In The Whole World (2CD+1Real Silver DVD) Complete Melbourne 1964. Festival Hall, West Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 17th June 1964 Early Show & Late Show + 35 Pages Official Souvenir Booklet. Digitally Remastered. Misterclaudel Label. MCCD-88/89 for info...$80

Beatles, The  - Many Years From Now You Still Need Us (1Real Silver DVD Digipak) VariousFilmed At Various Studio & Theatre. Big Night Out, TV Special Aired On Sept 7, 1963 & Last Big Beat, UK ABC TV, Aired On May 10, 1964. () Apocalypse Sound. AS-138 for info

Paul McCartney  - Wembley The Live Fantastic (2CD) Soundboard Recorded Live At Wembley Arena, Wembley, London, Uk January 23rd 1990. (SBD) MBE 2008SP01 CD1/2 for info

Paul McCartney & Wings  - Wings Over The World (1Real Silve rDVD With OBI Strip) Tour Documentary Around The World 1975-1976. (PRO-SHOT) Misterclaudel for info...$45

Beatles, The  - Five Nights In A Judo Arena (1real Silver DVD) Live In Japan 1966 Up Grade Version. (Mono ) Hercules. HCD-0802001 for info

Beatles, The  - Get Back (3 CD) Disc1: Ver 1 Aka 1969 Mix Source 1, Disc2: Ver1 Aka 1969 Mix Source2 & Disc3: Ver2 Aka 1970 Mix. (SBD) Strange Apple Records. SAR-004 for info

Beatles, The  - The Esher Demos (1CD Trifold papercase) The Acoustic Masterpieces Remastered. 16 Claremont Drive, Esher, Surrey, Uk, Late May 1968. () The Godfather Records. GR-261 for info

Paul McCartney & Wings  - Red Rose Speedway Sessions (2CD) Digitally Remastered 2008 (SBD) Misterclaudel. MCCD-81/82 for info...$55

Beatles, The   - Historical Star Club Tapes (2 CD) Live At The Star Club Hamburg Germany Dec 25, 28 And 31, 1962. (Original Master Recordings) Misterclaudel. MCCD-083/084 for info...$55

Beatles, The  - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Naked (1CD) All Songs By John Lennon And Paul mccartney, Except Where Noted And Tracks 22-28 & The making Of Sgt peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band-George Martin And Paul Mccartney Talk. (Stereo) Rattle Snake. RS 221 for info....$30

Beatles, The  - It's The Beatles & Royal Variety Performance (1CD+1Real Silver DVD) The Beatles 1963 British Tour. Live At Liverpool Empire Theatre 7 Dec, 1963 & Prince Of Wales Theatre 4 Nov, 1963. From Historical Original Master Recordings. () Misterclaudel.MCCD-77 & MCDVD-11 for info...$70

George Harris With Eric Clapton And His Band  - His Majesty (4CD) Live At Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Japan 17th December 1991. (AUD) for info..Special Price...$70

Beatles, The   - At Abbey Road Show Vol 1 (2CD+ 1Real Silver DVD) 24Bit Digital Mastering. DVD: The Beatles At Abbey Road 1983. Stereo Soundtracks From John Barrett Original Tapes 25 Tracks From Love Me Do To #9 Dream. CD: Working Monitor Mix () MBE-011-07001/2/3 for info...$65

Beatles, The  - At Abbey Road Show Vol 2 (3CD) 24Bit Digital Mastering.Working Monitor Mix. The Beatles At Abbey Road 1983. Show At Abbey Road Show Between July 18, 1983-September 11, 1983. () MBE-012-07001/2/03 for info...$60

Paul McCartney  - I Tunes Festival (2CD+1Real Silver DVD) The Institute Of Contemporary Arts, London 5 July 2007. (Aud/SBD) Piccadilly Circus. PCCD-048/049 PCDVD-01 for info...$65

Beatles - White Album Working Version (5CD) Making of White Album (SBD) Misterclaudel-069-073...Special Price $ for info

Beatles, The  - Abbey Road N.W.8 - The Source Tape (1 CD) From The Darthdisc Archives: One Of The Classic Vinyl Boots, Featuring Alternate Mixes And Outtakes From The 'Abbey Road' Sessions, As well As A Vvisit With Ppaul And Dovanvan, From Aa Ssession For Mary Hopkin's. Darthdisc DD 37 for info

Beatles, The  - From Beatles In Memphis 1966 (1CD) Live At The Mid-South Coliseum Memphis TN 19 Aug 1966. Afternoon & Evening Shows. From The Original 'The Cherry Bomb Tapes' () Misterclaudel. Mccd-075 for info...$30

Beatles, The  - Complete North American Tour 1966 (1CD+ 2Real Silver DVD) The Last Live Moment Of Their Career. From 'Chicago 12th' To 'San Francisco' 29th Aug. Included The Candlestick Park 29th Aug 1966 By Tony Barrow Tape. From Historical Original Master Recordings.  Misterclaudel. Mccd-74 & Mcdvd-03/04 for info......$70

Beatles, The - And The Great Concert At Shea! (2CD + 1Real Silver DVD) Line Recording Of The Famous 1965 Show! No Overdubs. For the first time The Complete Concert. Including The Original 1966 BBC Soundtrack. Plus .. The Beatles Live At Shea Described By Erupting Fans. DVD 35mm Broadcast Master Original Sound Version. Shea-656 A/B/V.. ... click for info ....$50 (highly recommended)

Beatles, The - Complete Live At Shea Stadium 1965 (1Real Silver DVD) MBE Presents Collector's Edition. Complete Concert Version And ABC Tv Master Version. MBE 2007 SPV01 ... click for info...$30

Beatles, The - The Undiscovered Beatles Vol 1 (1Real Silver DVD) MBE Presents Collector's Edition. A Collection Of Beatles Film Archives. MBE 2007 SPV02 ... click for info..$30

Paul McCartney - Full of Memory (2CD) Highline Ballroom, New York, USA.  13th June 2007. Excellent audience (AUD) PM-002/ for info ..$35

John Lennon / The Plastic Ono Band - It's Gonna Be Alright (2CD) Acoustic guitar rehearsals & outtakes. Comes in hardcover book. His Master's Choice. HMC-002 ... click for info...$60

Beatles, The - And The Great Concert At Shea (2CD) Line recording of the famous 1965 show including the original 1966 BBC soundtrack plus The Beatles live at Shea described by erupting fans. Comes in hardcover book. His Master's Choice. HMC-001 ... click for info...$70

Beatles, The - Shea! The Greatest Live Moment Of Their Career (2CD + 1 DVD set) 1965 U.S. Tour. Live at the Shea Stadium 15th August 1995. Internal Line Feed Version & BBC Broadcast Version with Opening Acts. Misterclaudel. MCCD-67/68 & MCDVD-02 ... click for info...$65

Beatles - Shea Loves You (1Real Silver DVD) New source. Transferred from the original ABC-TV 35mm Broadcast Master. Darth Disc. DD DVD-11. Excellent Quality ... click for info
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The Beatles - Far East And Far Out (1CD+1 1Real Silver DVD) Strange Apple Records. SAR-003/CD/DVD  ... click for info...$50

Beatles, Fab Four & Great Performers - The Best Of Studio Mystery Tracks (2CD) Fab 4 Forever ... click for info

John Lennon - Life Is What Happen (2CD) 1979-1980 Demo Version. poster size fold out booklet.  See Track Listing. Barrier. (SBD) BAR-050/51 ... click for info

Paul McCartnye & Wings - Ruled Over America (2CD) The Forum, Inglewood, CA, Usa, June 23, 1976 By Mike Millard Master Edition. King Stork Records. KSR-098/099

Paul McCartney & Wings - Lightspeed (2 Real Silver DVD) James Paul McCartney - 1973 ATV Elstree Studios, Studio D, Eldon Avenue, Boreham Wood, England, recorded on February 19-March 18 1972, broadcast on April 16, 1973. One Hand Clapping – 1974 EMI Studio #2,3 Abbey Road, London, England on August 14-19, 1974 + bonus tracks. Wings Fly South – 1975 Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia November 13, 1975 + bonus track ... click for info (for promo flyer info)

Beatles, The - Chronology 1 And 2 1962 - 1972 (1 Dual Layer DVD) 1962 - 1972. 30th anniversary edition 60 promotional films. Included over 220 min of Vintage Collection, full digital remastered. PPDVD-001/2DL ... click for info

Beatles, The - Sgt. Pepper Companion (1 Dual Layer DVD) The making of Sgt. Pepper + bonus audio with photo slide show & Sgt. Pepper Era audio outtakes. Definitive Master Edition. Top Of The Line. 4 Reel Productions. ... click for info

Beatles, The - The Eye Of The Hurricane (2Real Silver DVD) American Tour 1964American Tour 1964. Featuring completely re-edited, newly mastered Hollywood, Indiana & Philadelphia concerts. Including rare colour tour footage from the Hollywood, Denver, Chicago & Kansas City stops. With unseen archival footage from Las Vegas, Vancouver, New York City & Cleveland + bonus previously concealed film of  “I Should Have Know Better” television rehearsals. Enclosed booklet for add'tl details.  Picture Perfect DVD15-16...$70 ... click for info

 Beatles, The - Palais & Plazas (2Real Silver DVD) Palasis & Plazas con Telecasts '65. Featuring “Plaza de Toros” from Madrid & Barcelona, Spain, including 2 versions of The Beatles in Paris & rare Italian films + add'tl disc Telecast '65. Enclosed booklet for addt' details. Picture Perfect DVD17-18...$70  ... click for info

Paul McCartney - Chaos & Creation At Abbey Road (1Real Silver DVD) Performances at: Caos & Creation at Abbey Road, Sessions @ AOL, Live at Super owl & The Ellen Degeneres Show. MBE-005V ... click for info

Beatles - Can You Hear Me? (1CD) various tracks from previously unreleased source from 1960s (SBD) Secret Garden...$ for info

THE BEATLES - RIVER RHINE TAPES (3CD) Get Back Sessions on Stereo Soundboard Recordings (SBD) Secret Garden...$ for info

Beatles - The Ultimate Christmas Collection (1CD) New Yellow Dog Release...$ for info

Beatles - Message To Australia (1CD) Abbey Road Studios, London. 12th September 1963 + Festival Hall, Melbourne, 16th June 1964 + Centennial Hall, Adelaide, 12th June 1964 + Sydney Stadium 18-20 June 1964. Yellow Dog...$ for info

Beatles - Get Back..Winter of Discontent (2 Real Silver DVD) comprehensive collection of Get Back material as its never been seen before! It includes a full length 13 track Get Back video LP with each track remastered in glorious stereo. Why just listen to the LP when you can watch it? You can’t beat visuals + many more. Picture Perfect Label....$ for info
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Latest Japan Import: 
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Bob Dylan  - Gothenburg 2014 (2CD) Live at Tradgardsforeningen, Gothenburg, Sweden 15th July 2014 (AUD) No Label for info...$50
Limited FREE Bonus for order before 30th Sept 2014 :  Bob Dylan  - Gothenburg 2014 The Video (1Single DVDR) Live at Tradgardsforeningen, Gothenburg, Sweden 15th July 2014 () for info

Bob Dylan  - The Times They Are A Changin Outtakes (1CD) Outtakes of album "The Times They Are A-Changin'" (Mono/ Stereo) BDCL 2105 for info...$30
Limited FREE Bonus for order before 31 August 2014 :  Bob Dylan  - Quest The Times They Are A Changin (1Single DVDR) CBC-TV Program Recorded:1st February 1964 & Broadcast:10th March 1964. (PRO-SHOT) BDCBC 2164 for info

Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Revue  - Hattiesburg 1976 (2CD) Reid Green Coliseum, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA 1st May 1976. () BD 5176 for info...$50
Limited FREE Bonus for order before 31 August 2014 :  Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Revue  - Hotel Gigs 1976 (2Single CDR) Starlight Ballroom, Bellevue Biltmore Hotel, Clearwater, Florida, USA 22nd April 1976 Evening Show. () BD 42276 for info

Bob Dylan  - 2001 A Forum Odyssey (2CD) Live At International Forum Hall A, Tokyo, Japan 4th March 2001 () BD3401 for info...$50

Bob Dylan  - Chimes Of Freedom 2001 (2Single CDR) Live At Enterainment Centre, Newcastle, Australia 24th March 2001. () BD 32401 for info...$20

Bob Dylan  - Earls Court 1978 (2CD ) Live At Earls Court, London, England 19th June 1978 () BD61978 for info...$50

Bob Dylan  - The Freewheelin Bob Dylan Radio Station Disc Mono (1CD) The Freewheelin 'Bob Dylan" Test pressings and promotional albums for radio station, Columbia CL 1986 (mono) April 1963  () BDCL 1986 for info...$30

Bob Dylan  - From Grand Rec To Hammersmith (3CD) Theatre De Grand Rex, Paris, France 31st January 1990 & Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 8th February 1990.  () BD1312190 for info....$65
Limited FREE Bonus for order before 30th June 2014 : Bob Dylan  - Hammersmith Vision (2 Single DVDR) Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 8th February 1990. (NTSC) for info

Bob Dylan   - Japan Cherry Blossom Tour 2014 (4CD) DiverCity Zepp, Tokyo, Japan 8th April 2014 () for info...Special Price...$65

Bob Dylan  - If You See Her Say Hello (2CD) Docks, Hamburg, Germany October 17, 2003. () Tweedle Disc.TWD-01/02 for info...$50

Bob Dylan  - Summer Evolution (2CD) Les Schwab Amphitheater Bend, Oregon July 23, 2003. () Tweedle Disc.TWD-03/04 for info...$50

Bob Dylan  - The Dylan Amsterdam (2CD) Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam, The Netherlands November 11,2003. () Tweedle Disc.TWD-05/06 for info...$50

Bob Dylan  - Tokyo 2014 5th Night (2CD) Live at Zepp DiverCity, Tokyo, Japan 5th April 2014 (AUD) No for info...$50

Bob Dylan & The Band  - Hollywood Sportatorium 1974 (2CD) Live At Hollywood Sportatorium , Hollywood, Florida, USA 19th January 1974 Afternoon Show. () BDBD11974 for info...$50

Bob Dylan   - Mercy For Poughkeepsie (2CD) Live at Mid-Hudson Arena, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA 20th October 1989 () BD102089 for info...$50

Bob Dylan  - Electric Halle 2013 (2CD) Tue, 22 October 2013, Mitsubishi Electric Halle, Dusseldori, Germany. () Crystal Cats Records. CC 1033-34 for info...$55

Bob Dylan  - The Atlantico Roma Box (4CD Box Set) Atlantico, Roma Italy, Wed 6 & 7 Thu November 2013. Box Set Came with 20 Pages Booklet. () Crystal Cats Records. CC 1035-38 for info...$90

Bob Dylan  - Oh Murcia (2CD) A crackling show with powerful churn from the triumphant spring tour of '99. The intimate setting of a small Spanish guitar concert hall lends special tone and texture to the opening procession of acoustic numbers, including a touching Tomorrow Is A Long Time, rarely played in '99. Also rare in '99 was You're A Big Girl Now, here offered in a rich electric version. Set Comes With beautiful 8 PG color Photo booklet, Silk-screened Picture Discs, and Special Logo Decal/Sticker. Narciso Yepes Hall, Auditorio Y Centro De Congresos De Murcia , Spain April 19, 1999. () Durango. DRGO-08/09 for info...$50

Bob Dylan  - Princes Kept The View (2CD)  A  superb performance fit for high station - Dylan and band interweave acoustic and electric in a masterful old-time way. The band meshes beautifully, and their tight-knit formation advances with workmanlike precision through an impressive extended set. The show features rare performances of several songs for '01, including Shelter From the Storm, I Don't Believe You, and Lay, Lady, Lay. Set Comes With beautiful 8 PG color Photo booklet, featuring Detailed Liner Notes. Also included are Silk-screened Picture Discs, and special Logo Decal/Sticker.Arena Flegrea Naples, Italy July 26, 2001. () Durango. DRGO-10/11 for info...$50

Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Revue  - Hurricane Carter Benefit 1975 (4CD Wx OBI Strip) The Last Concert Of 1975 Tour Night of The Hurricane. Madison Square Garden, NYC, Dfecember 8th 1975. (SBD) Black Valentine.BVS-1001 for info...$75

Bob Dylan - Called From the Fallen Field (2CD) Nashville, Tennessee, Municipal Auditorium December 2, 1978. Set Contains Great 12 Pg Booklet With Full Liner notes and Beautiful Period Photos. Chrome Horse CHR-13/ for info...$55

Bob Dylan  - Man Of Steel And Constant Sorrow (2CD) Recorded Live At The Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam The Netherlands , October 30th 2013. () Rattlesnake. RS 262/263 for info...$55

Bob Dylan  - Shifting Gears Rome 2013 (4CD Long Box) Live At The Atlantico, Rome, November 6&7, 2013. Contains A 12 Page Booklet. () Wonderland Record. WLR -2191 for info...$90

Bob Dylan  - Suppers Ready (4Gold CD Set) Live At The Supper Club, New York City,1993. () Original Master Series. OMS-206-209 for info...$90

Bob Dylan  - The Second Coming Of A Master (6CD Box Set) London Royal Albert Hall. (Audience Recording) The Godfather Records. G.R. BOX 23 for info...$120

Bob Dylan  - East Troy 1988 (2CD) Live at Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, Wisconsin, USA 18th June 1988 (AUD) BD16888 for info...$50

Bob Dylan  - Waterfront Second 2013 (2CD) Sunday 13 October 2013,Waterfront Auditorium Stockholm, Sweden () Crystal Cat Records.CC1031-32 for info...$55

Bob Dylan  - My Black Dog Barks And Sydney Shakes (2CD Trifold) Sydney Stadium, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, April 13th 1966. (Soundboard) The Godfather Records. GR 951/952 for info...$50

Bob Dylan  - Bangor Bizarre (2CD) recorded at the Municipal Auditorium, Bangor, Marine, USA November 27, 1975 with additional tracks from the Forum De Montreal , Montreal, Quebec, Canada, December 4, 1975 . Note from label ; An overlooked tour de force from the Tour to end all tours. Cascades of Rolling Thunder surge wall-to-wall from the force of Dylan’s explosive vocals and the whole revue’s dynamic drive. Hurricane and Hattie never sounded more cutting, Sara never more heartfelt, the whole troupe never more loose and lucid. A knock-out performance not to be missed – first time on silver, and solid gold all the way! Package includes 12-page booklet with full notes + bonus tracks.. (AUD) Chrome Horse Records. CHR-11/12 for info...$55

Bob Dylan  - Fourth Time Around In Portugal (2CD) Coliseu Do Porto Oporto ( Porto) Portugal April 8, 1999. Notes from label : Another spring ’99 gem from Dylan & band. Beautiful and beautifully captured acoustic versions continue to highlight, especially on 4th Time. With plenty of creative twists and great guitar riffs, the entire affair confirms the very high level of this swing through Iberia. First time on silver – package includes 8-page booklet, special decal sticker. (AUD) Durango. DRGO-04/05 for info...$50

Bob Dylan  - Full Moon Faith (2CD)  audience recording from The Paramount Northwest Theatre, Seattle, Washington on the 29th of November, 1980. It also features bonus tracks from the Paramount Theatre, Portland, OR on the 4th of December the same year. Notes from label : Superb show in clear sound with Dylan in high gear and high spirits. Great mix of songs, from his own & others’ gospel, through his earlier classics now being worked back in, to fine versions of traditional offerings. Vision and versatility shine through on this first-time silver. Package includes 8-page booklet, special decal sticker + bonus tracks. (AUD) Durango. DRGO-06/07 for info...$50

Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Revue  - Thunder Rolls Through Many Nights (2CD Trifold) Recorded At Tarrant Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX, May 16,1976. (SBD) The Godfather Records. GR 881/882 for info...$50

Bob Dylan  - Tongues On Fire (2CD) Dylan at the top of his game for '81 and for all time, in a show many would rank among his top 25. Al Kooper sits in on keyboards for the first time since "Like A Rolling Stone", and the whole band rocks the Meadowlands with a set rarely matched for the number and intensity of songs. Set Features Beautiful 12 Page Photo Booklet With Liner Notes. Label Includes Custom Logo Sticker - Durango. Brendon Byrne Arena, Meadowlands, East Rutherford, New Jersey October 27,1981. (AUD) Durango.DRGO-02/03 for info...$50

Bob Dylan  - Stepped Forth From Sin's Shadow (2CD) Dylan caps a year that built steadily to a spectacular finish with his swing through the southeast U.S. An R&B romp that sizzles with Street Legal songs, the show also signals a new direction with the debut performance of "Do Right to Me Baby (Do Unto Others)" – Set Features A Beautiful 12 Page Booklet With Photos + Liner Notes. Hollywood Sportatorium, Hollywood, Florida December 16, 1978. () Chrome Horse Record.CHR-09/10 for info...$55

Bob Dylan  - Standing At Valencia's Gate (2CD) Outstanding show from Dylan's majestic march through Iberia in April '99, with emphasis on elegant acoustic songs. Vocals are heartfelt and strong, and the band is tightly interwoven. Incredible Quality Recording. Set Features Beautiful 12 Page Photo Booklet & Custom Logo Sticker - Durango. Valencia, Spain Velodromo Luis Puig April 15,1999. (AUD) Durango.DRGO-00/01 for info...$50

Bob Dylan  - The 50th Anniversary Collection (4CD) The 50th Anniversary Colection. () Song Music Entertainment. for info...$90

George Harrison With Bob Dylan  - Legends Working Together (2CD) Sessions At The Columbia Studio New York 1970 And All Thing Must Pass Alternates () for info...$50

Bob Dylan  - You Will Remember My Name (2CD Trifold) Bremen, Germany, Stadthalle, June 14, 1998 & Bonus Tracks: Essen, Germany, Grugahalle, June 16, 1998. () The Godfather Records.GR-851/852 for info...$50

Bob Dylan - Dimestore Medicine (2CD) Alternate , Demo, Rehearsal, Unreleased And Live Performance. Compiled Here In Best Ever Quality, Comprise An Essential Additional & Addendum To Any Dylan Collection. () for info...$50
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Bob Dylan - Game Got Rough (2CD) Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, Connecticut, USA September 8, 2012. () Tamourine Man Records. TMR 205/206 for info...$50
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Bob Dylan - Down From The Castle (2CD) Schlosspark, Bad Mergentheim, Germany July 6, 2012 plus bonus tracks (AUD) Tamourine Man Records. TMR 207/ for info...$50
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Bob Dylan - Upon The Steps Of Time (2CD) Salzburgarena Salzburg, Austria July 7, 2012 (AUD) Tamourine Man Records. TMR 208/ for info...$50
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Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash - Sessions 1969 (1CD Digipak) CBS Studios, Nashville. TN February 17-18, 1969, Ryman Auditorium, Nashiville, TN May 1, 1969 Plus: Nashiville Skyline Quadraphonic Mixes. () Hook N Jab Productions for info....$28
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Bob Dylan - Politics of Sin (2CD) July 8, 1981 Johanneshovs Isstadion Stockholm, Sweden.  Outstanding show in exceptional sound quality , from a significant transition period in Dylan's career. Kicks off with She Belongs to Me (only time this was performed in '81) and never stops kicking! With 8-page color booklet + Review/Notes. Chrome Horse Records. CHR-05/06 for info....$52
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Bob Dylan - Night Before Hush (2CD) Carolina Coliseum, Columbia, South Carolina December 9, 1978. A killer show in great quality! It kindles the fire that burned strong the following night in Charlotte, and should not be lost in the shadows! This South Carolina performance takes the year's last Journey Through Dark Heat and other '78 jaunts with high energy and exhilaration. Includes beautiful 12-page color booklet, with detailed liner notes. Chrome Horse Records. CHR-07/08 for info....$52
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Bob Dylan - Ballad of Paddock wood (2CD) Paddock Wood, England. Hop Farm Fetival. 30th June 2012 + Bonus tracks (AUD) Godfather GR-791/792....$50
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Bob Dylan - Nashiville Sessions 1969 And More (1CD) 1-14: Previously Unreleased Studio Sessions, Nashiville, TN, 1969; 17-19 & 21-24: Studio Sessions, New York, NY, 1970 (Improved Sound Quality); 20: Previously Unreleased Studio Sessions, NY 1970. () Rattle Snake. RS 250 for info....$30
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Bob Dylan & His Band - 20 Ten 20 Eleven (1CD) Recorded At Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands , October 20th 2011. () Rattle Snake. RS 249 for info....$30
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Bob Dylan - The Endless Road (2CD) One of the better sounding '78 tapes from an Excellent Stereo Audience source. This title rests easily amongst Dylan's best performed '78  shows, as he rolls full-swing through the Midwest U.S.. Included are 3 bonus tracks, also in excellent sound quality, from an earlier choice show at  L.A. California Universal Amphitheater, July 3 1978. Live At Richfield Coliseum, Richfield, Ohio, USA, October 20, 1978 Except Disc Two Track 13, 14 & 15 Uiversal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California, July 3, 1978. (AUD) Thinman-155/156 for info...$50

Bob Dylan - Promises Of Paradise (2CD)  One of the stand-out performances of the '94 tour,  in terrific stereo sound quality. Excellent quality Bonus tracks include a  variety of highlights from other later triumphant '94 tour stops. Palace Theater, New Haven, USA October 16, 1994. (AUD) Thinman-153/154 for info...$50

Bob Dylan - Stripes On Your Shoulders (2CD)  The Complete and dynamic 4th show of the Second Gospel Tour. This Great Sounding Stereo Audience recording of the period captures the glorious atmosphere of a very special night. Paramount Northwest Theatre, Seattle, Washington, USA January 14, 1980. (AUD) Thinman-157/158 for info...$50

Bob Dylan & His Band - In The Eternal City (2CD Trifold Papercase) Rome, Italy, Palalottomatica, November 12, 2011. () The Godfather Records. GR 708/709 for info...$50

Bob Dylan & His Band - Hammersmith Grand Finale (3CD Trifold Papercase) London , England, HMV Hammersmith Apollo, November 19-20-21, 2011. () The Godfather Records. GR 710/711/712 for info...$70

Bob Dylan - Movin After Midnight (2CD) Nikon At Jones Beach Theater, Jones Beach State Park, Wantagh, New York, USA August 13, 2011. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records.TMR 199/200 for info...$50

Bob Dylan - Next Bend In The Road (2CD) Mud Island Amphitheatre Memphis, Tennessee, USA July 30, 2011. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records.TMR 201/202 for info...$50

Bob Dylan  - Abandoned Desire (2CD) Disc1: Quadraphonic Desire And Disc2: Abandoned Desire Enclosed Booklet. () Scorpio / GBS PCQ 33893 for info...$60

Bob Dylan - Dust Upon The Hudson (2CD) Terrific show in great quality, the third of four shows at New York City's Beacon Theatre that saw the debut of a number of songs from Oh Mercy! Set is complemented by extensive bonus material from the Poughkeepsie show a week later, including rarely played songs. Also features full comprehensive liner-notes in Beautiful 8 Page Booklet!. The Beacon Theatre New York City, New City October 12, 1989. () Chrome Horse Records. CHR-01/02 for info...$52

Bob Dylan - Visions From Mountain View (2CD) Top-quality and COMPLETE show of an historic performance from the fourth show of the Never Ending Tour. Neil Young guests on a number of songs not only from Mountain View, but also from other early NET shows represented here in the generous bonus material. Great background liner-notes and period photos make for a super package in a 8 pages booklet. Mountain View, California Shoreline Amphitheatre June 11, 1988. () Chrome Horse Records. CHR-03/04 for info...$52

Bob Dylan - Walkin By The Promenade (2CD) Marina Pormenade, Singapore15 April 2011. () Tambourine Man Records.TMR 195/196 for info...$50

Bob Dylan - Power Of Recall (2CD) Ramat Gan Stadium, Tel Aviv, Israel 20 June 2011. () Tambourine Man Records. TMR 197/198 for info...$50

Bob Dylan - The Blood Of The Lamb (1Real Silver DVD Digipak) Saturday Night Live, New York, NBC Studios, October, 1979 & Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada, April 20, 1980. (NTSC) Apocalypse Sound. AS 202 for info...$42

Bob Dylan - Live At Sydney Entertainment Centre (2CD Trifold Digipak) Sydney, Australia, Sydney Enternment Centre, April 28, 2011. (Digital Aud) The Godfather Records. GR 657/658 for info...$50

Bob Dylan -- Laguna Seca Daze (2CD) – Laguna Seca Daze, Monterey, California, 27 May 1995. -- This Is An Incredible Reissue of Midnight Beat’s “Laguna Beach” version of Dylan’s legendary ’95 appearance at Monterey, first issued on Tuff Bites as “Guided by the Eternal Light,” eventually made better on the Midnight Beat release, and now made completely right on MDM. Set Contains Superior packaging and Significantly better Bonus Tracks of Another great show. The accompanying 16-pages booklet includes background notes and Beautiful Period Photos. Mercury Den Music. MDM-007/008) for info...$55

Bob Dylan – Gypsy’s Request (2CD) – A Stellar & Improved Reissue Version of Wild Wolf’s Classic “Great Woods” Soundboard Release! – MDM has Upgraded this Show with Highly Deluxe Packaging and Cleaner edits of the original bonus tracks! Also Included is an Additional Bonus Soundboard track to accompany the True-Line SBD Recording of this ’93 Masterpiece Show! –Set Includes Beautiful 16-page booklet, featuring background notes and high-quality photos! ( Mercury Den Music MDM-005/006) for info...$55

Bob Dylan  - The Stockholm Box (4CD Box Set) Berns Salonger Stockholm, Sweden Sun, 22nd March 2009 & Ericsson Globe Stockholm, Sweden Mon, 23rd March 2009. (AUD) Crystal Cat Records. CC968/69/70/71 for info...$120
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Bob Dylan  - All Road Lead To Rome (2CD Trifold Digipak) Palazzo, Della Civilta E Del Lavoro, Rome, Italy, June 20, 1989. () The Godfather Record. GR 601/602 for info
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Bob Dylan & His Band  - A Different Set Of Rules (2CD Trifold Digipak) MGM Grand Theater At Foxwoods, Mashantucket, CT, November 27, 2010. () The Godfather Record. GR 610/611 for info
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Bob Dylan  - Voyage To The Sun (2CD) University Of South Florida Sun Dome, Tampa, Florida, USA October 7, 2010. (Digital AUD) Tambourine Man Records.TMR 191/192 for info

Bob Dylan  - Onwards In My Journey (2CD) University Of Central Florida UCF Arena, Orlando, Florida, USA October 10, 2010. (Digital AUD) Tambourine Man Records.TMR 193/194 for info

Bob Dylan & His Band  - Dark Room Of His Mind (2CD) San Francisco, California, Warfield Theater, USA August 25, 2010. (Digital AUD) Tambourine Man Records.TMR 189/190 for info

Bob Dylan & The Band  - Genuine Collectors Item - New York & Oakland 1974 (4CD) Long Play 331/3 RPM, New York & Oakland 1974. January 31th & February 11th. () Mid Valley Records for info...$80

Bob Dylan  - Lost Or Found (2CD) Sporthalle, St, Jakob, Basel, Switzerland July 23, 1981. (AUD) Thinman-145/146 for info

Bob Dylan  - Straight Was The Track (2CD) Saratoga Performing Arts Center saragota Springs, New York, USA June 26, 1988. (AUD) Thinman-141/142 for info

Bob Dylan  - Then Came The Warnin (2CD) First Union Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA November 15th 2002. (AUD) Thinman-143/144 for info

Bob Dylan  - How Sweet The Sound (2CD Trifold Digipak) Star Pavilion, Hershey, PA, August 13, 1997 . () The Godfather Record. GR 569/570 for info
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Bob Dylan - Avignon Revisite (2CD)  Set Comes with Deluxe 12 Page Photo & Info Booklet (All reviews and title information included in booklet)! -This title is a RE-issue of the Classic Avignon Soundboard, but Packaged with Thick Photo/Info Booklet! As Bonus, MDM has included the audience-source version of Mr. Tambourine Man that has never been available on the PA Tape. --Soundboard from Avignon, France,Palais Des Sports, July 25th, 1981. MDM's First Issue! (SBD) Mercury Den Music - MDM-001/002 for info...$50
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Bob Dylan - Tempodrom 1996 (2CD) Set Comes with Deluxe 12 Page Photo & Info Booklet (All reviews and title information included in booklet)! - This title is the RE-issue of the Classic Title "Soul" from Kiss Records, but with Excellent Quality Bonus Tracks Added as Filler, and packaged with Thick/Photo Info Booklet! The Famous show from Tempodrom Berlin, Germany, June 17, 1996. MDM's Debut Series!  (Mercury Den Music - MDM-003/004 for info...$50

Bob Dylan  - All Precious Gifts (2CD) Excellent audience quality taken from Zepp Osaka, Osaka, Japan March 15, 2010 & Bonus : March 23rd, 2010. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records. TMR-183/184 for info

Bob Dylan  - Boulevards Of Broken Cars (4CD) Excellent audience quality taken from Los Angeles, California, USA Hollywood Palladium 13, 14, 15 October 2009 & Las Vegas, Nevada, USA The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 18-October-2009. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records. TMR-179-182 for info

Bob Dylan  - Circus In Palette Town (2CD) Excellent audience quality taken from Zepp Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan March 24, 2010 & Bonus: Zepp Tokyo, Japan March 25, 2010. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records. TMR-187/188 for info

Bob Dylan  - If I Pass This Way Again (2CD) Excellent audience quality taken from Live At Zepp Nagoya, Nagoya, Japan March 18, 2010. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records. TMR-185/186 for info

Bob Dylan  - Spanish Harlem Nights (3CD) United Palace Theatre New York, New York, USA November 18, 2009 & CD Come With A 12 pages Booklet. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records. TMR 176/177/178 for info
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Bob Dylan  - Got To Be Holy (2CD) Fox Warfield Theatre, San Francisco California, USA November 10, 1979. (AUD) Thinman-135/136 for info

Bob Dylan  - Simmonscourt 1989 (2CD) Simmonscourt, RDS Dublin, Ireland June 4, 1989. (AUD) Thinman-133/134 for info

Bob Dylan  - Something Calls For You (2CD) Fox Warfield Theatre, San Francisco California, USA November 11, 1980. (AUD) Thinman-137/138 for info

Bob Dylan  - New York Sessions 1974-75 (1CD trifold Digipak) September 16th1974 & Studio E Columbia Recording Studio NYC 14th July 1975. () for info

Bob Dylan  - Lake Tahoe 2009 (2CD) Harveys Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena, Stateline, Nevada, USA August 16, 2009. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records.TMR 172/173 for info

Bob Dylan  - Lakewood 2009 (2CD) Firstenergy Park, Lakewood New Jersey, USA July 23, 2009. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records.TMR 170/171 for info

Bob Dylan  - Sauget 2009 (2CD) GCS Ballpark, Sauget, Illinois, USA , July 2, 2009. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records.TMR 174/175 for info

Bob Dylan  - Chasing A Shadow (2CD) Pristine Soundboard recording! Live At Rothbury Music Festival, Rothbury, MI, USA 5th July 2009. (SBD) Social Graces 003/004 for info

Bob Dylan - Got You By The Heel (2CD) Scandinavium Gothenburg Sweden September 25, 1987. (AUD) Thinman-25/ for info

Bob Dylan  - Disobeyed His Orders (2CD) Cole Field House University of Maryland College Park, Maryland, USA November 5, 1998. (AUD) Thinman-127/128 for info

Bob Dylan  - Warfield Witnesses (2CD) Fox Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, California, USA November 11, 1979. (AUD) Thinman-129/130 for info

Bob Dylan  - Shoreline Amphitheatre 1993 (2CD) Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View California, USA October 9, 1993. (AUD) Thinman-131/132 for info

Bob Dylan  - East Coast Bondage (2CD) Bushnell Memorial Hall Hartford Connecticut USA May 7, 1980. (AUD) Thinman-121/122 for info

Bob Dylan  - Secrets Of The Breeze (2CD) Perfect Audience recording - almost like a soundboard! Yogi Berra Stadium Montclair State University Montclair, New Jersey, USA June 24, 2005, Bonus: The Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, November 27, 2005. (AUD) Thinman-123/124 for info

Bob Dylan  - Friends Will Arrive (2CD Digipak) Reference Recording - Track Data. Recording Artist: Vol 6. Disc1: - Lead Vocal Sessions 1972 -2002, Disc2: Lead Vocal Sessions 2002 -2007 & Sideman Sessions 1961 – 1972, See Series Booklet For Details. () Hollow Horn for info...$50

Bob Dylan  - Friends Will Disappear (2CD Trifold Digipak) Reference Recording - Track Data. Recording Artist: Vol 7. Disc1: Sideman Sessions 1972 - 1977, Disc2: Sideman Sessions 1980 -1996.  Hollow Horn for info...$50. HOLLOW HORN -  Recording Artist (1961-1996) Vols 1-7. 34 pages booklet -- Order Separately for additional  $5.

Bob Dylan  - Ancient Footprints (2CD With OBI Strip) Sperktrum, Oslo, Norway, March 25, 2009. Bonus Tracks: Berns Salonger, Stockholm, Sweden March 22, 2009. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records.TMR 164/165 for info

Bob Dylan  - Behind The Sun (2CD With OBI Strip) Malmo Arena, Malmo, Sweden March 28, 2009. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records.TMR 168/169 for info

Bob Dylan  - Don't Dare Wink (2CD With OBI Strip) Kinnarps Arena, Jonkoping, Sweden March 27, 2009. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records.TMR 166/167 for info

Bob Dylan  - Summer Nights Are Gone (2CD) An Acoustic Compilation Taken From The Best Of 1996 European Summer Tour. (AUD) No Label for info
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Bob Dylan  - Over The Umeda Sky (2CD) Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan February 17, 1997 & Bonus: February 18, 1997 – osaka, Japan. (AUD) Thinman 117/118 for info

Bob Dylan  - Suffering Under The Law (2CD) Fox Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, California, USA November 3, 1979. (AUD) Thinman 119/120 for info

Bob Dylan  - Fire Still Smokin (2CD) Berkeley Community Theatre Berkeley, California, USA May 26, 1995. (AUD) Thinman 115/116 for info
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Bob Dylan  - Crazy Sorrow (2CD) Houston Gym, Sports Arena, Buffalo State Collage, Buffalo New York, USA May 11, 1996. (AUD) Thinman-113/114 for info
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Bob Dylan  - Surrender Your Crown (2CD) Uptown Theater, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, January 29, 1980. (AUD) Thinman-111/112 for info
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Bob Dylan  - Born Already Ruined (2CD) Fox Wax Theatre, San Francisco, California, USA November 9, 1979. (AUD) Thinman-109/110 for info
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Bob Dylan  - Mighty Mockingbird (1CD Digipak) Reference Recording - Track Data. Isle of Wight - 31st August 1969. Holland Hotel - 27 August & 'encore' An Occasional Supplement From Hollow Horn. () Hollow Horn for info...$28

Bob Dylan  - Mixin Up The Medicine (1CD Digipak) Reference Recording - Track Data. The Safety Tape - June October 1967 & Stereo Cassette Dubs. () Hollow Horn for info...$28

Bob Dylan  - The Ghost Of Electricity (2CD digipak) Reference Recording - Track Data. Recording Artist: Vol 5. Disc1: Mtv Unplugged - Sony Studios 17 November '94 & 18 November '94. Disc2: MTV Unplugged - Sony Studios 18 November '94. () Hollow Horn for info...$50

Bob Dylan  - Denver 1988 (2CD) Live At Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre, Denver, Colorado 15 June 1988. (SBD) Scorpio. BD-08021 for info

Bob Dylan  - Bound To Cross The Line (1CD) Stadio Lamberti, Cava De ' Tirreni, Italy June 21, 1989. (AUD) Thinman-106 for info
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Bob Dylan  - House Of Gold (2CD) Panathinaikos Stadium, Athens, Greece, June 28, 1989. (AUD) Thinman-107/108 for info
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Bob Dylan  - New Jersey 1988 (1CD) Live At Garden State Performing Arts Center, Holmdel, New Jersey 24 June 1988. (SBD) Scorpio. BD-08022 for info
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Bob Dylan  - Clear Through Calgary (2CD) Pengrowth Saddledome, Calgary, Alberta, canada October 27, 2008. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records.TMR 158/159 for info

Bob Dylan  - Countless Foes (2CD) Alumni Field House, Suny College At Oneonta, Oneonta, New York, USA November 19, 2008. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records.TMR 160/161 for info

Bob Dylan  - Serving The Palace (2CD) The United Palace, New York, New York, USA November 21, 2008. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records.TMR 162/163 for info

Bob Dylan  - Man And God And Law (2CD) Sunrise Musical Theater, Miami, Florida, USA November 19, 1981. (AUD) Thinman-102/103 for info

Bob Dylan  - Spare The Defeated (2CD) Fleet Center, Boston, Massachusetts, USA November 24, 2001. (AUD) Thinman-100/101 for info

Bob Dylan  - Some Big Tv Network (2CD digipak) Reference Recording - Track Data, Recording Artist : Vol 4,Disc 1: World of John Hammond - 10 Sep 75, Disc 2:Hill Of Muses – 27 June '89. () Hollow Horn for info...$50

Bob Dylan  - Blood Of The Lamb (2CD) Kiva Auditorium, Convention Center Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA December 5, 1979. (AUD) Thinman 098/099 for info

Bob Dylan  - Pawn And Gamble (2CD) Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee, USA November 14, 1981. (AUD) Thinman 094/095 for info

Bob Dylan  - Hit Too Hard (2CD) Benedictine University, Dah And Ada Rice Athletic Center Lisle, Illinois, USA November 11, 1997. (AUD) Thinman 096/097 for info

Bob Dylan   - Iron Waves (2CD) Fox Warfield Theatre, San Francisco Califonia, USA November 12, 1980. (AUD) Thinman 090/091 for info
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Bob Dylan   - Masters Of The Bluff (2CD) Paramount Theatre, Portland, Oregon, USA December 4, 1980. (AUD) Thinman 092/093 for info
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Bob Dylan - Above The Mighty Beast (2CD) Gorge Amphiheatre George, Washington May 16, 1998 & Include Bonus Tracks Gorge Amphitheatre George, Washington may 17, 1998 (AUD) Thinman 086/ for info

Bob Dylan - Burning Of The Page (2CD) Fox Warfield Theatre, San Francisco California, USA November 13, 1980. Thinman 084/ for info
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Bob Dylan - The Air Burns (2CD) C.W. Post College, Tilles Center, Brookville, New York, USA, January 30, 1998 (AUD) Thinman-088/ for info
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Bob Dylan  - A Dying Voice Within Me (2CD) Ullevi Stadion, Gothenberg, Sweden June 9th 1984. (AUD) Thinman 072/73 for info
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Bob Dylan  - Someones Distant Cry (3CD) 2 SHOWS from : Lehigh University, Stabler Arena, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA February 18, 1999 + Broome County Arena, Binghamton, New York, 19th Feb 1999. (AUD) Thinman-081/82/83 for info...$66

Bob Dylan  - Up And Down The Neon Block (3CD) Rio Suite Hotel & Casino,Las Vega, Nevada March 1,1999.Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Las Vega, Nevada March 2,1999. (AUD) Thinman-074/75/76 for info...$66

Bob Dylan  - A Higher Calling To An Ordinary People (2CD) Civic Auditoriium, Santa Monica, California, USA November 21, 1979. (AUD) Thinman 079/80 for info
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Bob Dylan  - 1990 London Paris Anthology (5CD ) Disc 1 & Disc 2, Trackis 1-6: Hammersmith Odeon, London, February 8, 1990. See Booklet For Other Track Details. () SC-BD-90-15 for info...$100
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Bob Dylan   - If Your Memory Serves You Well (4CD) Various lives from Glasgow, Scotland. 24th June 2004 + 23rd June 2004, Newcastle, England. 22nd June 2004 + Belfast, Ireland, 26thJune 2004 + Galway, 27th June 2004 (AUD) SC-BD-04-14 for info...$80

Bob Dylan  - The Dogs Are Barking (2CD) Feijenoord Stadion, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, June 23, 1978. (AUD) Thinman-068/69 for info

Bob Dylan  - Coming From The Heat Of St Paul (2CD) Civic Center, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA October 31, 1978. (AUD) Thinman 070/71 for info

Bob Dylan  - Clouds Of Blood (2CD) Reno Hilton Amphitheatre, Reno, Neveda September 27, 1998. (AUD) Thinman 062/63 for info

Bob Dylan  - Packin Up In Puyallup (2CD) Western Washington Fairgrounds Puyallup Washington, USA September 22, 19983. (AUD) Thinman-060/61 for info

Bob Dylan  - We Hear You Knockin (2CD) Blockbuster - Sony Music Entertainment Centre Camden, New Jersey, USA July 17, 1999. (AUD) Thinman-064/65 for info

Bob Dylan  - World Full Of Lies (2CD) First American Music Center, Antioch Tennessee, USA September 8, 1999. (AUD) Thinman-066/67 for info

Bob Dylan  - The Never Ending Tour Chronicles Volume 1 (2CD foldup p/case) Disc1: Live At Old Orchard Beach, Portland, 03-07-1988. Soundboard Recording & Disc2: Live In The USA June-September 1988. (SBD) WLR-2072 for info

Bob Dylan  - Supper Club Soundboard - 17th November 1993-First Show (1CD) This is the long missing Supper Club 1993 show. The Genuine Supper Club Soundboards 17th November 1993 - First Show. 10 Tracks. (SBD) Sc-BD-93-4 for info...

Bob Dylan  - One Push Of The Button (2CD digipak) Reference Recording - Track Data. Recording Artist: Vol 3. Disc1: Folk Songs & More - 4 March '63, Songs Of Freedom - 30 July '63, Steve Allen Show - 25 Feb '64 & Johnny Cash Tv Show - 1 May '69. Disc2: BBC -TV - 1 June '65 & Grammy Awards - 27 Feb '80. () Hollow Horn for info...$50

Bob Dylan  - Cant Save A Dime (2CD) Excellent Audience quality from Metro Centre, Halifax, Novca Scotia, Canada May 21st, 2008. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records. TMR 144/145 for info

Bob Dylan  - Ceremonies Of The Horsemen (2CD)  Excellent Audience quality from  Stadthalle, Halle Dm, Vienna, Austria, June 10, 2008 (AUD) Tambourine Man Records. TMR 148/149 for info

Bob Dylan  - Seek Your Maker (2CD)  Excellent Audience quality from  Salzburg Arena, Salzburg, Austria June 11, 2008. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records. TMR 150/151 for info

Bob Dylan  - The Masters Hand & A Cowboy Band (2CD)  Excellent Audience quality from  Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland June 1, 2008. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records.TMR 146/147 for info

Bob Dylan   - Unravelled Tales (2CD digipak) Reference Recording - Track Data. Carnegie Hall - 26th October 1963. 'Encore' - An Occasional Supplement From Hollow Horn. (SBD) Hollow Horn. for info...$60

Bob Dylan  - From Nassau To Mexico (2CD) Auditorio Naciona, Mexico City, Mexico. 27th February 2008.Bonus Tracks 9-10 Disc 2:Mexico City, Mexico Auditorio Nacional 26th February 2008. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records. TMR-140/141 for info

Bob Dylan  - Fullhouse In Buenos Aires (2CD) Estadio Velez Sarsfield, Buenos Aires, Argentina. March 15th 2008.Bonus Track 9-10 Disc 2:Orfeo Superdomo, Cordoba, Argentina. March 13th 2008. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records. TMR-142/143 for info

Bob Dylan  - Electric Blues Nite Crash (2CD) House Of Blues, Dallas, Texas, USA. February 23rd 2008. Bonus Track 8-12 Disc 2:Dallas,TX, USA House Of Blues February 22nd 2008. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records. TMR-138/139 for info

Bob Dylan  - Cracked Bells In A Busted Barn (2CD) Dallas Music Complex, Texas, USA, November 7, 1995. (AUD) Thinman-056/57 for info

Bob Dylan  - Paradise Lost Tour (2CD) Stabler Arena Lehigh University Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, December 13 1995. Bonus Tracks Electric Factory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania December 16 1995. (AUD) SC-BD-95-12 for info

Bob Dylan  - Spirit Of The Ryman (2CD) Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN, USA 19 September 2007. (AUD) Tambourine Man Records. TMR 136/137 ...